United States Department of Veterans Affairs

Clothing Allowance


Any Veteran who is rated for a service-connected disability for which he or she uses prosthetic or orthopedic appliances may receive an annual clothing allowance.

The allowance is also available to any Veteran whose service-connected skin condition requires prescribed medication that irreparably damages the Veteran's outer garments.

For the special benefit amount for clothing allowance, see the Special Benefit Allowances Rate Table.

Clothing Allowance Applications

The application for the Annual Clothing Allowance can be downloaded from VA Form 10-8678 Application for Annual Clothing Allowance.

Applying for Benefits

Please submit this form to the Prosthetic and Sensory Aids Service (PSAS) at the VA Medical Center closest to you. Please do not submit your application/form to PSAS Central Office in Washington, DC.  You can also contact your nearest VA Medical Center for more information.  Click here for a list of local PSAS Services.